Welcome To The Sixties
Season One, Episode Nine
First Aired July 4, 2014
Written By Hinton
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Welcome To The Sixties is the ninth episode of the first season of Glee: A New Generation.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Opening night of Hairspray has arrived and all the cast are nervous, and when things start going wrong Kurt and JP worry that there may not be a show at all. Meanwhile a secret of Jess' gets out causeing tension between some friendships.

Full Episode[edit | edit source]

Episode Nine: Welcome To The Sixties

Songs[edit | edit source]

Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Mama I'm a Big Girl Now Hairspray Dmitri Blanchet, Jessica Rimmons, Libretta Holland, Melissa Potter, Sarah Drew and Valerie Kostas
Good Morning Baltimore Delia Vasquez and Vanessa Anderson feat. Hairspray Cast
Run and Tell That! Daniel Greatbach and Delia Vasquez feat. Detention Kids
(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs Delia Vasquez, Jason Marshall, Jessica Rimmons, Melissa Potter, Sarah Drew and Valerie Kostas with Council Members
The Nicest Kids in Town Brock Dowell with The Council Members
The New Girl In Town Clementine Bond, Jasmine Roberts, Liz Presley, McKenzie Crawford, Rachel Abbot and Sarah Drew
Welcome To The 60's Clementine Bond, Melissa Potter, McKenzie Crawford, Rachel Abbot and Talia Creston with Hairspray Cast
Big Blonde and Beautiful Christina Suazo, Drew Kaede, Melissa Potter and Talia Creston with Hairspray Cast
The Big Dollhouse Aspen Haynes-SchofieldChristina Suazo, Delia VasquezJessica RimmonsMelissa Potter, Sarah Drew, Talia Creston and Valerie Kostas with Female Cast
Without Love Daniel Greatbach, Jason Marshall, Jessica Rimmons and Melissa Potter with Hairspray Cast
I Know Where I've Been Christina Suazo feat. Liz Presley and The Detention Kids
You Can't Stop The Beat Christina Suazo, Daniel GreatbachJason Marshall, Jessica Rimmons, Liz Presley, Sarah Drew, Talia Creston and Valerie Kostas with Hairspray Cast

Note: All songs will be featured on Glee: The New Generation, The Music: Presents, The Hairspray Album

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