Episode Number Episode Title Summary
1. Reinvented The new school year has arrived and New Directions return to find some members missing and many have changed their image over the summer but when the group lose many key members due to a power struggle New Directions are forced to reinvent their image
2. Round 'Em Up After a miserable week of recruiting the New Directions still end up short of members and are forced to go to old friends and rivals to beg and plead for them to join them
3. Being Flawless The Femme Fatales are back, except they're not, when former members of New Directions appeal to Quinn's dark side The Femme Fatales are reborn as The Flawless Fatales, and they're coming for blood in this years' face off.
4. Man-Scaped When the boys of New Direction complain about how the music that they sing is female artists Angel and Sugar declare it to be Male Artist Week where the club can only perform songs by males. Meanwhile Brock struggles with his home life after coming out as bisexual to his father.
5. Battle of The Sexes After the girls complain about not getting a Female Artist Week and the boys rebutting with the fact that Girl Power Week happened last year it becomes a battle of the sexes as Boys Bands and Girl Groups go head-to-head
6. Musical Mayhem Auditions for the annual school musical have begun and while some people shock with what characters they go for, some shock due to not auditioning at all. Meanwhile, McKenzie's relationship with her fathers is strained when they find out her dirty little secret.
7. Hipster or Hip Hop When Brock complains about the lack of alternative and indie music performed in glee club, it begins yet another war when a few members complain about the lack of hip hop. Meanwhile Valerie's decision in Madonna week comes back to haunt her. 
8. Mashtastic When the group start to lose their edge Angel holds a mash off for the New Directions of Boys vs Girls, but when the battle of the sexes reappears Sugar quickly changes the game and makes mixed teams instead. Meanwhile Dmitri and and Lucas find their realtionship strained when another boy gets obsessed with Dmitri.
9. Wrecktionals Sectionals has arrived and the New Directions are going head to head with The Unitards now led by failed Broadway Baby and ex McKinley Dance Team Leader, Jenna Hamilton, and tha androdgynos edgy hip hop rapping, Rude Girls. As the other groups use intimidation to put New Directions in their place Valerie has an idea that just might save the group.
10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow The opening night of The Wizard of Oz has arrived but when sets start getting vandalised and costumes start disappering the group learn that The Singles Appreciation Committee are up to their old tricks and try to destroy the musical.
11. I Live For The Applause The group starts going insane over leadership claiming that Aspen is an unfit leader and she's not enough of a diva to lead the club to victory. So Angel decides that a diva off should take place between the club members but when the insults fly and the group starts to 
12. Night On The Town It's Daniel's birthday and the group decide to have a night off from fueding just to party but when resident bad girl Tatiana issues each member with a fake I.D. the night becomes a crazy alcohol fueled night that ends in tears. Meanwhile Jason tackles his inner demons over his realtionship with Valerie
13. Innocence Regionals has arrived and with it comes the regular dramas as they go up against the overtly sexual Flawless Fatales the New Directions decide to win over the judges with love and innocence rather than sex.
14. Christmas, With Love Christmas Fever hits the school pretty hard and as the New Directions prepare for a special fundraising concert for children in need some are tempted to forget the concert and go to Vanessa's Annual Crunk-mas Party. Meanwhile Pierre feels homesick and is torn over his plans for the holiday
15. Megamashed When the group learns that there's a theme to this year's Nationals of Songs of The Year, Conner suggest the group do mega mashups to really get an idea of what they can do for Nationals. Meanwhile Delia's problems escalate and land her in hospital 
16. It's Britney Bitch After The Troubletones pay New Directions a short but intimidating visit the group fall into a funk, Angel and Sugar decide to use the Queen of Comebacks as inspiration to show that a funk can hold even the best of us back.
17. Stage of The Year Nationals have arrived and the group are ready to go and show off the music of their year but when The Troubletones and Singaz Wit Attitude perform flawess setlists using music from 2007 and 2000 respectivley New Directions become worried about their setlist and how much they could lose
19. Hello World As the group are put into a funk about how unpopular they are Angel and Sugar ask Mr. Schue for an idea of how to help them with a way to get the group's spirits up, who tells them about his "Hello" assignment and they decide to revisit it.
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