Season One
Season 1, Episode 1-22
First Aired October 10, 2013
Written By Purple-Glee-Project
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The first season of the fan-fiction, Glee: The New Generation  written by Purple-Glee-Project.

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Special Guest Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Demi Lovato as Dani Lopez (1/22)
  • Melissa Beniost as Marley Rose (0/22)
  • Lea Michele as Rachel Berry (0/22)
  • Jake Gyllenhall as Rory Donaldson (0/22)
  • Damien McGinty as Rory Flanagan (0/22)
  • Colin Donnell as Sven Blanchet (1/22)

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Episode Title/Airdate Overview Songs
A New Direction
October 10, 2013
Sugar and Unique have returned to McKinley to take over as the new fashion and design teachers. When they get the jobs Will Schuester convinces them to reboot the glee club. But worry starts to creep in when both women wonder if the club will get 12 before Sectionals in a few weeks. Mirrors, Who Will Love Me As I Am, Heart Shaped Glasses, Sexy and I Know It, Princess Die, Suffocated, Sally's Song, Glowing & Just Stand Up
Smack Down
November 16, 2013
When Sugar enters the New Directions into the annual McKinley-Dalton Glee Club Face Off, Max, Sebastian and Sue are all unimpressed but a rearing to kick the team down to where they belong, the bottom. Has Sugar thrown the New Directions into the deep end and into a lot of trouble or the possibility to become the most popular glee club at McKinley. Glam, You Will Become, The Writer, Whataya Want From Me, How Ya Doin', Holiday, Supermassive Black Hole & Titanium/Bulletproof
Girl Power
December 17, 2013
When a bitter Vanessa catches Valerie and Dmitri dress shopping for the New Directions' Sectionals look, Dmitri's large secret of being a transvestite is revealed which makes him come under fire from not just the school but some members of New Directions. But Angel quickly sets the task for the New Directions to sing about girl power to empower Dmitri to be himself. Do What U Want, Smack You, End of Time, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Run The World (Girls), Cinderella, Walks Like Rihanna/Man! I Feel Like a Woman, Hard Out Here & Who's That Chick
You're Invited
January 26, 2014
Angel and Sugar shock the group by telling them that their Invitaionals will be this week, with the group frantically picking a setlist for the night, they are hit with a bombshell when The Femme Fatales take over the auditorium as their Sectionals competition is the night after New Directions' Invitationals. There Are Worse Things I Could Do, Lego House, Not Afraid, Ten, Listen, Strange, World Behind My Wall, Rockstar, Voodoo & Salute
February 9, 2014
Angel and Sugar announce that the school musical has to be started to be prepared and that JP and Kurt will be holding auditions, it'll be the clash of the divas as different people shock with what role they are auditioning for. Kill My Boyfriend, We Remain, Walking On Air, Walking On Air, In My Place, Cooties, Ride, Monster, Who's That Girl, Devils Don't Fly, Human, I Can Hear The Bells, Ladies Choice, Yesterday, Starring Role & Never Again
March 8, 2014
When Valerie and Derek notice how unpopular the members of New Directions are the pair decide to help the least popular and change them into new people. But when Angel and Sugar find out the pair decide to put a stop to Derek and Valerie's plan and tackle the labelling issue at McKinley instead. Popular, Popular, Unpretty, I Know What Boys Like, Like Me, Stupid Girls, Skyscraper/Who You Are & Pack Up
Glory & Gore
March 30, 2014
Sectionals has arrived, but because of late entry New Directions find themselves going up against a glee club of criminals and a write in show choir. Although the kids think this is going to be an easy win, Sugar warns them about the last time New Directions went up against Jane Addams Academy Half of Me, Dip It Low, For Your Entertainment, Pink ChampagneStrongerGlory and Gore & Change Your Life
April 28, 2014
When feuding reaches an all time high in New Directions Angel decides to take a page out of Mr. Schuester's book and make a feud face off, by doing another Katy's versus Gaga's competition. But will it end the feuding or cause more drama for the club when someone makes a shock announcement. Scheiße/Dark Horse, Bad Romance, G.U.Y., Highway Unicorn (Road To Love), Unconditionally, Hummingbird Heartbeat, If You Can Afford Me, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (Remix), Part of Me/Paparazzi, Not Like The Movies, Brown Eyes, Roar, I Kissed a Girl & Born This Way
Welcome To The Sixties
July 4, 2014
Opening night of Hairspray has arrived and all the cast are nervous, and when anonymous threats start getting sent to the lead cast Kurt and JP worry that there may not be a show at all Mama I'm a Big Girl Now, Good Morning Baltimore, Run and Tell That!, (The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs, The Nicest Kids In Town, The New Girl In Town, Welcome To The 60's, Big, Blonde and Beautiful, The Big Dollhouse, Without Love, I Know Where I've Been & You Can't Stop The Beat
August 11, 2014
Halloween has arrived at McKinley and New Directions start to get into the holiday spirit by preparing for McKinley's annual Halloween Carnival. But when Mr Schue announces that the school board has cancelled the carnival for the year Vanessa Anderson takes the opportunity to solidify her Queen Bee Status by throwing an exclusive Halloween party at her family's Lima mansion. Meanwhile the New Directions try to oppose the exclusiveness by throwing their own open Halloween party at Santana's Spotlight. Also Angie makes a shocking discovery which could change her future at McKinley forever. Who Let The Freaks Out?, Disturbia, Monster/Monster, Worst Pies In London, Tears To Shed, Thriller/Heads Will Roll, Dance In The Dark, Zombie, I Put a Spell On You, Teeth, This Is Halloween, The Time Warp & Monster
Dmitri After a fight just after Halloween leading to big drama, Dmitri is forced to choose between two boys vying for his love and affection. Will Dmitri be able to survive the bombardment with the help of his besties or will he drown in the ocean of flowers and chocolates? Know Your Enemy, Try/Summertime Sadness/Wrecking Ball, Princess of China, Lithium, Just Tonight, Wide Awake, Double Rainbow, Come Get Some, The Scientist, The One That Got Away/Already Gone & It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Same/Similar To encourage a little friendly competition between the four teams Angel, Max, Sebastian, Sugar and Quinn decide to have a mash off, to make things interesting they make mixed teams with different members of different teams and set the challenge of having to make two mashups each team with two songs that have similar titles or content. Meanwhile McKenzie struggles with inner demons and Delia is quite happy to lend a hand, but at what cost? Gold Digger/Material Girl, Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend/Raining Diamonds, Mirrors/S&M, This Is How We Do/How We Do (Party), Do My Thang/Do It Like a Dude, Birthday Cake/Milkshake, Kiss Me/Kiss Me, Take a Bow/Take a Bow & Idiot/I Hate Everything About You
Taking The Stage Regionals have arrived and New Directions are up against old nemesises, The Dalton Academy Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline, but when they arrive and find their setlist was leaked to the teams, fingers point at nearly everyone in the team except for the real traitor, so with only a few hours left to prepare the setlist theme changes to inspiration. My Girl/Kiss The Girl, Shape of My Heart/I'm Wishing, Build Me Up Buttercup, Perfect Isn't Easy, Down In New Orleans, Underdog, Edge of Glory, Ready To Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) & Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
The Love Club Valentines Day has arrived and with it has come the usual sugar overloaded cuteness for couples, and the bitterness for singles. But this year trouble is brewing for McKinley as a group try and destroy Valentines for the whole school when they perform anti-love songs and pull some major pranks. Meanwhile Libretta is in the race for Rohan's heart alongside the sweet innocent Melissa but who will eventually win his heart. Whilst Santana gives into Lucas' pleading and decides to have a special "Sweethearts Dinner" at the diner. The Boy Is Mine, As Long As You Love Me, The Power of Love, Take My Breath Away, Satellites, Valerie (Acoustic Version), Nobody To Love, Sweet Nothin's, Eternal Flame, The Sign/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together & TBA
Brand New Eyes After a long and exhausting Valentine's the group decide on paying paying tribute to an artist who they feel is underrated but after a large argument over the theme "underrated" Angel decides on the group to pay tribute to Paramore one of her favourite artists who she feels get very little recognition for their work. Meanwhile Aspen struggles connecting with her brother and feels like maybe they've both changed too much. Whilst an old friend pays Angel a visit and rekindles old feelings. Ignorance, Ain't It Fun, The Only Exception, Turn It Off, That's What You Get, Crushcrushcrush, Misery Business, Still Into You, Decode & Brick By Boring Brick
Do You Believe In Magic TBA TBA
Kids of America The New Directions head to Nationals with their heads held high after winning the Wildcard Round. But when arriving are instantly intimidated by Caleb and his Troubletones, The Warblers and California natives the Singaz Wit Attitude. And with only a few days to prepare a setlist to fit the Americana theme the group worry if they will even place in the top 40. American Life, American Dream, Make It In America, Hollywood/Hollywood, Born In The USA, Stop, Drop and Tooch, Candyman/Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, All-American Boy, American Girl, America & America
Showdown TBA TBA
Team Spirit Sugar decides enough is enough and has some of the previous New Directions come to show the current New Directions how it's done. But when mentors start butting heads with one another, the students follow suit and both Angel and Sugar worry if they'll even be any New Directions left by the time the week is done. Homecoming/Coming Home, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA & Hometown Glory
In Our Family Portrait When Dmitri's father, Rory, comes to town after tracking down his sons, he gets into a custody war with Sven over Dmitri and Pierre. Leading to Dmitri's shocking announcement that if his father wins he will have to leave to Britain. Leading Angel and Sugar to declare it Family Week where the kids can celebrate their families. Meanwhile as Brock tries hard to spend as much time with boyfriend, Pierre, a fatal attraction will lead to a shocking end for everyone. Saturday Night, Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter To Father), Love Song, Heaven, Chandelier, Party All The Time, Mr Know It All, Family Portrait, Hurt, Girl Next Door, Because of You & Happy
Like a Prayer Sugar decides to get some girl power and strength through the girls after she sees Derek and Brock objectifying their girlfriends, by paying homage to Madonna. But when the power struggle is flipped and the guys are treated like dogs Angel steps in to show the balance needed for the group to survive in harmony. Meanwhile Valerie's fast life and alcoholism lead her to a life changing mistake, whilst Libretta finally gets over the rejection from Rohan. Justify My Love/Erotica, Cherish, Hung Up, Give Me All Your Luvin', Crazy For You, Frozen, Express Yourself/Into The Groove, Celebration, Miles Away, Burning Up, Masterpeice & Girl Gone Wild
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