Rohan Haynes-Schofield
Rohan Haynes-Schofield
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 21st
Height: 6'4
Sexuality: Straight
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Rohan Finn Haynes-Schofield
Family & Friends
Family: Nicholas Haynes (Biological Father)
Caleb Schofield (Adoptive Father)
Unnamed Mother
Aspen Haynes-Schofield (Twin Sister)
Other Information
Education: William McKinley High School
Strengths: Intelligence
Weaknesses: Uptight
Series Information
First appearance: You're Invited
Portrayer: Ansel Elgort

Rohan Haynes-Schofield is a main character in The New Generation. He is a student at William McKinley High School and is a member of one of the school's glee clubs, the New Directions.


Prior to A New DirectionEdit

Rohan is the biological son of Nicholas Haynes and the adopted daughter of Caleb Schofield. He has one sibling, Aspen, who is the biological daughter of Nicholas and his fraternal twin. His family is middle class, Nicholas worked as a teacher and Caleb worked in real estate. Aspen and Rohan were raised to be very accepting of all walks of life, and up until kindergarten neither child noticed anything strange about their family dynamic. Not very many people were accepting of her parents lifestyle and growing up a lot of people wouldn't let their children associate with Aspen or Rohan.

Season 1Edit


Rohan is the good Haynes-Schofield twin. He is a bookworm and rather intelligent. He participates in sports and is fairly talented, but wouldn't be considered popular. Rohan is a kind guy, and is very accepting and respectful of all walks of life. Although he isn't as rebellious as his sister, Rohan still enjoys parties but has never smoked or tried alcohol. He really enjoys helping people and his biggest goal in life is to become a doctor and help people around the world in need of medical attention. Like his sister, Rohan isn't soft-spoken and always attempts to voice his opinion, but because of his better state of mind and social standing than Aspen, sometimes people actually listen to him. Rohan is very defensive over his loved ones and will defend them in almost any  situation. He feels very strongly about discrimination against homosexuals and rarely tolerates it in school.


Season 1Edit

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