Season One, Episode Six
First Aired TBA
Written By Hinton
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"Glory & Gore"

Popular is the sixth episode of the first season of Glee: A New Generation.

Plot[edit | edit source]

When Valerie and Derek notice how unpopular the members of New Directions are the pair decide to help the least popular and change them into new people. But when Angel and Sugar find out the pair decide to put a stop to Derek and Valerie's plan and tackle the labelling issue at McKinley instead.

Full Episode[edit | edit source]

Published Here: Episode Six: Popular 

Songs[edit | edit source]

Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Popular The Veronicas Catalina CameronDerek KaedeSarah Drew, Valerie Kostas and Vanessa Anderson
Popular Wicked Alyssa Roberts and Vanessa Anderson
Unpretty TLC New Directions
I Know What Boys Like Katharine McPhee feat. Emma Stone, Kat Dennings and Rumer Willis Jasmine Roberts, Jessica Rimmons, Kendra Suazo, Sarah Drew and Valerie Kostas
Like Me Teen Beach Movie New Directions
(Except Dmitri and Drew)
Stupid Girls P!nk Brock Dowell, Dmitri Blanchet, Drew Kaede, Jason Marshall, McKenzie Crawford, Riley Prince, Talia Creston and Valerie Kostas feat. New Directions
Skyscraper/Who You Are Demi Lovato/Jessie J New Directions
Pack Up Eliza Doolittle Adam Crawford, Angel Adams, JP Ryan, Kurt Crawford-Hummel, New Directions, Quinn Fabray and Sugar Motta

Guest Cast[edit | edit source]

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