This is a list of artists/musicals whose song(s) have been used in Purple-Glee-Project's fan fiction The New Generation.

List of Artists/MusicalsEdit

Artist/Musical Song Title Episode Performer(s)
Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me Smack Down Daniel Greatbach
Adele Rolling In The Deep You're Invited Aspen Haynes-SchofieldDmitri Blanchet,
Jasmine RobertsKendra SuazoMcKenzie Crawford and Melissa Potter
Ariana Grande Pink Champagne Glory & Gore McKenzie Crawford
Artists Stand Up To Cancer Just Stand Up A New Direction New Directions
Bette Midler I Put a Spell On You Spooked Riley Prince with Dmitri Blanchet and Valerie Kostas feat. Party Goers
Beyoncé End of Time Girl Power Alyssa Roberts, Angie Roberts and Jasmine Roberts
Run The World (Girls) Catalina CameronNew Directions
, The Cheerios and The Troubletone Girls
The Beatles Yesterday Auditions Jason Marshall
The Cheetah Girls Cinderella Girl Power New Directions Girls
Christina Aguilera Glam Smack Down Valerie Kostas
We Remain Auditions McKenzie Crawford
Christina Milian Dip It Low Glory & Gore Nikeysha Conrad with The Daughters of Destiny
Christina Perri Human Auditions Dmitri Blanchet
Coldplay In My Place Auditions Brock Dowell
The Corpse Bride Tears To Shed Spooked Angie RobertsJessica Rimmons and Libretta Holland
Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun Girl Power Angel Adams and Sugar Motta with New Directions Girls
David Guetta Titanium
(Used in a mashup)
Smack Down New Directions
Who's That Chick Girl Power
Demi Lovato Skyscraper
(Used in a mashup)
Popular New Directions
Dreamgirls Listen You're Invited Melissa Potter
Ed Sheeran Lego House You're Invited Riley Prince
Eliza Doolittle Pack Up Popular Adam CrawfordAngel AdamsJP RyanKurt Crawford-HummelNew DirectionsQuinn Fabray and Sugar Motta
Ellie Goulding The Writer Smack Down Jessica Rimmons
Eminem Not Afraid You're Invited Rohan Haynes-Schofield
Glen Hansard You Will Become Smack Down Brock Dowell
Grease There Are Worse Things I Could Do You're Invited Libretta Holland
Green Day Holiday Smack Down The Warblers
Hairspray Big Blonde and Beautiful Welcome To The Sixties Christina SuazoDrew KaedeMelissa Potter and Talia Creston with Hairsrpay Cast
Cooties Auditions Libretta Holland
Good Morning Baltimore Welcome To The Sixties Delia Vasquez and Vanessa Anderson feat. Hairspray Cast
I Can Hear The Bells Auditions Melissa Potter
I Know Where I've Been Welcome To The Sixties Christina Suazo feat. Liz Presley and The Detention Kids
Ladies Choice Auditions Drew Kaede
Mama I'm a Big Girl Now Welcome To The Sixties Dmitri BlanchetJessica RimmonsLibretta HollandMelissa PotterSarah Drew and Valerie Kostas
Run and Tell That! Drew Kaede and Delia Vasquez feat. The Detention Kids
The Big Dollhouse Aspen Haynes-SchofieldChristina SuazoDelia VasquezJessica RimmonsMelissa PotterSarah Drew and Talia Creston with The Female Cast
(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs Delia VasquezJason MarshallJessica RimmonsMelissa PotterSarah Drew and Valerie Kostas with The Council Members
The New Girl In Town Clementine BondJasmine RobertsLiz PresleyMcKenzie Crawford, Rachel Abbot and Sarah Drew
The Nicest Kids In Town Brock Dowell with The Council Members
Welcome To The 60's Clementine Bond, McKenzie CrawfordMelissa PotterRachel Abbot and Talia Creston with Hairspray Cast
Without Love Daniel GreatbachJason MarshallJessica Rimmons and Melissa Potter with Hairspray Cast
You Can't Stop The Beat Christina SuazoDaniel GreatbachJason MarshallJessica RimmonsLiz PresleySarah DrewTalia Creston and Valerie Kostas with Hairspray Cast
Iggy Azalea Change Your Life Glory & Gore New Directions
Jessie J Who You Are
(Used in a mashup)
Popular New Directions
Justin Timberlake Mirrors A New Direction Drew Kaede
Katharine McPhee I Know What Boys Like Popular Jasmine RobertsJessica RimmonsKendra SuazoSarah Drew and Valerie Kostas
Katy Perry Dark Horse
(Used in a mashup)
ARTPrism New Directions
Hummingbird Heartbeat Jason Marshall
I Kissed a Girl Riley Prince and Talia Creston with New Directions Girls
If You Can Afford Me The Gagas
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (Remix) The Katys
Not Like The Movies Sugar Motta
Part of Me
(Used in a mashup)
Daniel Greatbach and Dmitri Blanchet
Roar The Gagas
Unconditionally Lucas Jeffries
Walking On Air Auditions Kendra Suazo
Kelly Clarkson Never Again Auditions Valerie Kostas
Kerli Walking On Air Auditions Christina Suazo
Kimberly Cole Smack You Girl Power Valerie Kostas and Vanessa Anderson
Kris Allen Monster Auditions Daniel Greatbach
La Roux Bulletproof
(Used in a mashup)
Smack Down New Directions
Lady Gaga Bad Romance ARTPrism Aspen Haynes-Schofield, Dmitri Blanchet, Jason
, McKenzie Crawford, Talia Creston and Valerie Kostas
Born This Way New Directions
Brown Eyes The Katys
Dance In The Dark Spooked Jessica Rimmons
Do What U Want Girl Power Dmitri Blanchet and Lucas Jeffries with
Santana's Spotlight Waiting Staff
G.U.Y. ARTPrism The Gagas
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) The Katys
Monster Spooked Libretta Holland
(Used in a mashup)
ARTPrism Daniel Greatbach and Dmitri Blanchet
Princess Die A New Direction Aspen Haynes-Schofield
(Used in a mashup)
ARTPrism New Directions
Teeth Spooked Vanessa Anderson feat. Caleb DeAngelo and Catalina Cameron
Lana Del Rey Ride Auditions Jessica Rimmons
Lily Allen Hard Out Here Girl Power The Troubletones
Little Mix How Ya Doin' Smack Down The Femme Fatales
Salute You're Invited
LMFAO Sexy and I Know It A New Direction Jason Marshall
Lorde Glory and Gore Glory & Gore New Directions
Marilyn Manson Heart Shaped Glasses A New Direction Talia Creston
Marina and The Diamonds Starring Role Auditions Aspen Haynes-Schofield
Michael Jackson Thriller
(Used in a mashup)
Spooked New Directions
Muse Supermassive Black Hole Smack Down The Troubletones
Natalia Kills Devils Don't Fly Auditions Talia Creston
Kill My Boyfriend Vanessa Anderson
Zombie Spooked Aspen Haynes-Schofield, Christina Suazo, Delia Vasquez, Liz Presley,
McKenzie Crawford, Rachel Abbot and Sarah Drew
The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally's Song A New Direction McKenzie Crawford
This Is Halloween Spooked Drew Kaede, Jasmine Roberts, Jason Marshall, Jessica Rimmons,
Lucas Jeffries, Nigel Vesper Jr., Rachel Abbot and Talia Creston
Nikki Williams Glowing A New Direction Kendra Suazo
Orianthi Suffocated A New Direction Dmitri Blanchet
P!nk Stupid Girls Popular Brock DowellDmitri BlanchetDrew Kaede
Jason MarshallMcKenzie CrawfordRiley PrinceTalia Creston and Valerie Kostas feat. New Directions
Paramore Monster
(Used in a mashup)
Spooked Derek Kaede and Jasmine Roberts
Pop Star High Who Let The Freaks Out? Spooked Aspen Haynes-SchofieldDelia VasquezLiz PresleyMcKenzie Crawford,
Rachel Abbot and Sarah Drew
Prima J Rockstar You're Invited Catalina Cameron and Vanessa Anderson with The Femme Fatales
Rihanna Disturbia Spooked Alex PresleyKristina MarshallLouise Barber and Vanessa Anderson
feat. The Femme Fatales and The Troubletones
Half of Me Glory & Gore Nikeysha Conrad
Robyn Who's That Girl Auditions Sarah Drew
The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Time Warp Spooked Alex Presley, Caleb DeAngelo, Christina Suazo, Clementine Bond, Delia
, Liz Presley, Lucas Jeffries,Nigel Vesper Jr.,
New Directions, Rachel Abbot and Sarah Drew
Side Show Who Will Love Me As I Am A New Direction Melissa Potter
Shania Twain Man! I Feel Like a Woman
(Used in a mashup)
Girl Power New Directions Boys
Skillet Monster
(Used in a mashup)
Spooked Derek Kaede and Jasmine Roberts
Spice Girls Voodoo You're Invited Christina Suazo and Rachel Abbot with The Femme Fatales
Sugababes Stronger Glory & Gore New Directions Girls
Sweeney Todd Worst Pies In London Spooked Santana Lopez
Teen Beach Movie Like Me Popular New Directions
(except Dmitri and Drew)
TLC Unpretty Popular New Directions
Tokio Hotel Strange You're Invited New Directions
World Behind My Wall
The Veronicas Popular Popular Catalina CameronDerek KaedeSarah DrewValerie Kostas and Vanessa Anderson
The Wanted Walks Like Rihanna
(Used in a mashup)
Girl Power New Directions Boys
Wicked Popular Popular Alyssa Roberts and Vanessa Anderson
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll
(Used in a mashup)
Spooked New Directions
Yellowcard Ten You're Invited Jake Williams
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