Kendra Suazo
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 14
Sexuality: Straight
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Kendra Audriana Suazo (Full Name)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown birth parents (deceased)
Christina Suazo (twin sister)
Gia Suazo (adopted mother)
Joe Suazo (adopted father)
Friends: Christina Suazo
Other Information
Interests: Fashion
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Vulnerabilities: Not getting what she wants
Strengths: Beauty
Dancing ability
Being able to get whatever she wants
Weaknesses: Attitude
Series Information
First appearance: A New Direction
Portrayer: Keke Palmer
Kendra Suazo is a main character in The New Generation. She is a student at William McKinley High School and a member of one of the school's glee clubs, the New Directions.


She an attitude. She can be loud and obnoxious. She and her twin sister Christina are complete opposites. She can also be very sly and manipulative. If you're not her friend she doesn't care for you much.She expects things to be her way and can get very pissed off if they don't.

Kendra likes to design her own clothes.She has an unique sense of style. She is rich so she's always wearing the cutest outfits.


Prior to The New GenerationEdit

Kendra and Christina were born in Milan,Italy when their mother (who was Italian) decided to travel to see her dying mother.One day when their mother was driving to the store their was a terrible car crash involving her.The twins' mother was rushed to the hospital.The twins survived but their mother did not.The other victims of the car crash were simple tourists.They felt terrible for what happened.After finding out that the twins would have to go into the foster care system,they felt so horrible that they decided to adopt them.

Ever since being adopted the two girls have lived the high life.The Suazos both came  from rich families that opened them with open arms.Being the only children the Suazos had they made sure that both Kendra and Christina were spoiled and treated as princesses.Something that Kendra loved very much.

When Kendra and Christina were 13,Christina started telling Kendra that something about their family tree was wrong.They looked nothing like their birth parents.Kendra could care less but Christina was confused and wanted answers.After finding out that her sister had went snooping in her parents' room.Kendra reluctantly agreed to confront their parents.The two then found out they were adopted when their adopted parents killed their mother in a car wreck and that they had no other family members left so they adopted them.Kendra didn't have a problem with this and went back to being her normal self.She appreciates the life she has now and sees no problem with anything.


  • Adopted by Italian parents
  • Mixed of Italian and African American descent


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