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Alyssa Roberts
Angie Roberts
Aspen Haynes-Schofield
Brock Dowell
Daniel Greatbach
Derek Kaede
Dmitri Blanchet
Drew Kaede
Jake Williams
Jason Marshall
Kendra Suazo
Riley Prince
Rohan Haynes-Schofield
Talia Creston


Welcome To The Sixties

Opening night of Hairspray has arrived and all the cast are nervous, and when things start going wrong Kurt and JP worry that there may not be a show at all. Meanwhile a secret of Jess' gets out causing tension between some friendships.


Halloween has arrived at McKinley and New Directions start to get into the holiday spirit by preparing for McKinley's annual Halloween Carnival. But when Mr Schue announces that the school board has cancelled the carnival for the year Vanessa Anderson takes the opportunity to solidify her Queen Bee Status by throwing an exclusive Halloween party at her family's Lima mansion. Meanwhile the New Directions try to oppose the exclusiveness by throwing their own open Halloween party at Santana's Spotlight. Also Angie makes a shocking discovery which could change her future at McKinley forever.

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