Dmitri-Drew Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Dmitrew, Drewmitri, Blanede, Kaedchet
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Dmitri-Drew, commonly known as Dmitrew, is the friendship between Dmitri Blanchet and  Drew Kaede

They met in the first episode, A New Direction.


Season OneEdit

A New DirectionEdit

The pair meet for the first time in this episode when Dmitri is slushied by Daniel Greatbach, the two click over the factor they are both going to join the New Directions. When Drew is auditioning singing Mirrors Dmitri is briefly seen cheering him on. The next day they are seen checking the callback list with the other New Direction hopefuls and perform in Just Stand Up with the others.

Smack DownEdit

The two have very little interaction in this episode, but they are briefly seen before Daniel's audition, with Drew obviously irritated with Daniel and Dmitri reassuring Drew. Unbeknownst to Dmitri, Drew went after Daniel demanding that he stay away from Dmitri claiming to be best friends with him, after which Daniel intimidates Drew to drop it. The last time they are seen together is when they perform Titanium/Bulletproof with the rest of the New Directions.


Sang Together in a Group NumberEdit

Song Title Episode Performed With:
Just Stand Up A New Direction New Directions
Titanium/Bulletproof Smack Down
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