Delia Vasquez
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: November 19
Height: 5'1
Sexuality: Bisexual
Address: Lima, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois (Formerly)
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Formerly)
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Diego and Esmerelda Vasquez (Father and Mother)
Relationships: Conner Adams (Boyfriend)
Other Information
Interests: Performing
Clique: Drama Club, Stoners
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Performing
Strengths: Speaking Spanish, Strong Willed, Singing, Dancing
Weaknesses: Heritage, Very Vulnerable
Series Information
First appearance: Welcome To The Sixties
Portrayer: Lucy Hale

Delia Vasquez is a guest character in Glee: The New Generation. She is a sophomore at William McKinley High School.


Prior to A New DirectionEdit

Delia grew up in the mean streets of Rio for 10 years before her father finally found a well paying job in America. She was constantly sent from school to school due to "unsocial" behavior, in other words she would either tear people down verbally or beat them up for making fun of her accent/parents. Her father, Diego, tried hard to teach her just because her mother, Esmerelda, was more Hispanic looking than him or his daughter did not mean that she was any less Hispanic. When she was 14 she beat a boy into a coma for insinuating that because of their ethnicity, her mother was a cleaner and her father had to be a gardener. The three of them now live in Lima where no trouble has happened yet.

Season OneEdit

A New DirectionEdit


Just like the Hispanic food, Miss Delia has a spicy and fiery personality. She can have her sweet moments but is usually quite mean and sarcastic, especially to those who are sexist, racist or homophobic. Mainly cause she supports equality.


Season OneEdit


  • Originally Delia was a main character in another fanfiction by Hinton called Glins.
  • Originally he was portrayed by Victoria Justice but was changed to Lucy Hale for unknown reasons.
  • Originally her name was spelled Deliah but was changed due to most people confusing it with Delilah.
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