Daniel Greatbach
Daniel Greatbach
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: December 13th
Height: 5'8
Sexuality: Gay (Closeted)
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Daniel Hugh Greatbach (Full Name)
An Arse (Dmitri)
The Guy That Slushied Dmitri, Greatbach (Drew)
You Losers (With Brock) (Eric)
Family & Friends
Family: Saul Greatbach (Father)
Jenna Greatbach (Mother-estranged)
Jayden Greatbach (Brother-estranged)
Craig Greatbach (Brother-estranged)
Other Information
Education: William McKinley High School
Strengths: Football

Being Cruel

Getting Girls

Hiding His Sexuality

Weaknesses: Rude

Liking Singing



His Father

Anger Issues

Series Information
First appearance: A New Direction
Portrayer: Drew Roy

Daniel Greatbach is a main character in The New Generation. He is a student at William McKinley High School and is a member of one of the school's glee clubs, the New Directions.


Prior to A New DirectionEdit

Daniel was born on December 13th to Saul and Jenna Greatbach. He is the middle child of 3 boys, with an older brother named Jayden and a younger named Craig. The boys were extremely close mainly because of their father. His father was an alcoholic, often abusing his children and wife. Growing up in that environment, each son adapted differently. Jayden became calmer, making it his goal not to become like his father. Craig became very scared, hiding whenever a bottle of alcohol ended up in his father's hands. Daniel however ended up becoming just like his father. His rude and abrasive attitude came from example, much like a child who sees their parents smoking may start smoking. However, more than that happened to him. Starting in his freshman year, he began to question his sexuality as he became attracted to his fellow football team members. Due to his father's homophobia, he kept himself closeted, choosing to date girls instead of outing himself. One day, his decision and fear was solidified when Jayden came out as bi. His father beat him to a pulp, trying to beat the gay out of him, causing his mother, who had slipped into a dark depression, to finally stand up for herself and her kids and moved them out. Daniel, however, stayed behind, not caring what his mother thought since she ever protected them and lived with his dad. He has since took up drinking as a remedy for his pain and now lives a fine life in the closet, hoping to never come out.

Season 1Edit

A New DirectionEdit


Daniel is your sterotypical bullying jock. With rock hard abs and an ice cold heart, he is a devilish dream boat. He is cruel to anyone and everyone, except for his crew and the other popular kids, not caring about others feelings. He will punch, kick, beat, and cuss out anyone and doesn't give a damn about the consequences. He solves his problems with his fists, once punching a hole through his classroom wall. He loves to drink, finding it a wonderful way out of his issues. He doesn't date, more like sleeps with and never calls back. Despie being gay, he sleeps with any girl that he can just to relieve himself of any sexual feelings he has for guys. He is a closet freak, never wanting to come out of it in fear of pissing off his father.


Season 1Edit

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